Pro Percussion Drum Sticks

The striking point... It all starts here.

They're what you hit with... They're an extension of you... If you're not comfortable and at one with your drum sticks, then you could be off to a bad start. Spend some time getting to know about what you put in your hands when you step to the kit. AJ wants to help you in this respect with providing you with as much information as we can on the sticks we sell.

Visit Vic Firth, Vater, Zildjian, Ahead, and Pro Mark's web sites for more info.




For almost 40 years, Vic Firth Inc. has produced the finest drumsticks and mallets available. Innovative design coupled with uncompromising quality control truly provide customers with the "Perfect Pair". Of particular interest is their proprietary tone pairing system - After being sorted for weight, the sticks are loaded into a testing station where they are struck by a hammer. The computer analyzes the frequency spectrum to find the value of the fundamental frequency that the stick produces. The computer records the exact peak frequency and then places the stick into a bin with others that match. Wow! These sticks do truly feel right in your hands. Also check our assortment of Vic Firth Brushes and Marching Sticks and Mallets.
"Pro-Mark", meaning "the mark of a professional" uses only premium, hand-selected wood. Each stick is hand-finished and hand-inspected for that classic Pro-Mark look, feel, and sound. Another feature is "The Millenium II(tm) Process"; a proprietary system unique in the drumstick industry. This treatment strengthens the wood and improves resonance. It also reduces the chance of warping during production, shipment and storage at retail stores or distribution warehouses. Pro Mark also uses an environmentally friendly finish as opposed to the ordinary lacquer used by most other manufacturers. This finish is completely non-toxic, with no waste or residue which is hazardous and difficult to dispose of. AJ carries the regular line of Pro-Mark Drum Sticks as well as Pro-Marks Brushes, Rods & Specialty sticks. Also check out our availability of Pro Mark Marching Sticks and Mallets and Orchestral Sticks.
Vater developed its unique formula for finishing the sticks with a sealer and finish coat, giving them the special Vater feel that drummers love. More of today's top players have chosen to play Vater Drumsticks over all the other brands. See why John Blackwell Jr. (Prince & The New Power Generation), Cyrus Bolooki (New Found Glory), Paul Bostaph (Slayer), Rob Bourdon (Linkin Park), David Buckner (Papa Roach), Mario Calire (Wallflowers), Stewart Copeland (Oysterhead / The Police), Marco Marcinko (Independent) and many more choose to hit with Vater sticks. Also check out our assortment of specialty sticks and brushes from Vater.
All Zildjian sticks are made from the highest quality US select hickory and maple woods, crafted to the same manufacturing standards as Zildjian cymbals, and are guaranteed straight. The artists series sticks are derived from each artist's individual style, crafted under their direction from the finest hardwoods, and produced using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. AJ also stocks brushes by Zildjian.
Ahead makes revolutionary synthetic sticks that last much longer than wood sticks (typically 6 to 10 times longer) and are the only sticks on the market with a 60 day warranty. No other sticks are as perfectly matched or have superior weight, balance, sound and feel characteristics of AHEAD. They also reduce hand fatigue and joint damage. They have 50% less shock and vibration than wood sticks. Try a pair, and you may never go back to wood.
Pro Percussion also provides you with our own line of sticks, stamped with our logo (above) at great discount prices... And to assure you of top quality, these sticks are made by Vic Firth, and are not factory seconds.