Pro Percussion Drum Sets

Pearl's excellence spans well over half a century. The company continues to raise the bar on standards in the manufacture of all drum kit packages including the Export series, (currently the best-selling drums in the world because of their mix of price and quality). Pearl's ultimate commitment to sound, quality and innovation can be found in their top of the line Masters Series.

"They are the only company that has four different selections of wood and plies (Masters). You have so many different variables that you can really make it personal for you, what you like, what your sound is" -Chad Smith.

"The commitment to quality and excellence was there from the very beginning" -Omar Hakim.

"I know that at the studio I'm recording at, not only my own, which I know so well, but any studio, with any group that I'm using the drum kit with, I know what I'm going to get out of the drum kit when I get there." -Jonathan Mover.

These and other top players like Dennis Chambers, Virgil Donati, Tico Torres and many, many more, are part of the reason that Pearl is "the best reason to play drums".

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A.J. is proud to offer these fine Pearl drum kits:

Masters Custom (MMX)
• 4 ply 5mm 100% maple shells
• MasterCast hoops and OptiMount/Uni- Lock Suspension System
• high gloss lacquer finish

Masters Custom (MRX)
• 6 ply maple shells
• MasterCast hoops and OptiMount/Uni- Lock Suspension System
• high gloss lacquer finish

Masters Studio (BRX)
• 6-ply 7.5mm 100% birch shells
• MasterCast hoops and OptiMount/Uni- Lock Suspension System
• self-muffling Remo PowerStroke3 heads

Masters Mahogany Classic (MHX)
• 4 ply 5mm African Mahogany/maple reinforcement ring
• MasterCast hoops and OptiMount/Uni- Lock Suspension System
• Heat/Compression Shell Molding System

Use Pearl's Masters Series Dream Kit Workshop to design your kit, then call us to order it for you and personally handle shipment.

Prestige Session Custom (SRX)
• 100% maple shells, lacquer finish
• Equipped with I.S.S. tom mounts & Uni- Lock holders
• 511/42"x14" brass SensiTone snare
• 18"x22" kick; Rack toms (8"x10", 9"x12" & 12"x14")
• Hardware: boom, snare, cymbal, HH stands; P-101P PowerShifter pedal

Export Select (ELX)
• ISS suspended mounting system, Uni- Lock holders
• 7 ply Agathis / Mahogany / Santa Maria shells
• 18"x22" kick, 511/42"x14" Sensitone style snare, 8"x10", 9"x12" & 12"x14" toms
• PowerPro hardware: boom, snare, cymbal, HH stands; P-100 pedal.
• High gloss lacquer finishes

Export (EX)
• Heat Compression Shell Molding System
• 16"x22" kick, 10"x12" & 11"x13" toms, 16"x16" floor tom, 511/42"x14" snare
• ISS suspended mounting system; double brace hardware
• 6 Expansion Packages

• FREE cymbals, throne, drumsticks, and a set-up video
• 100% mahogany shells in same sizes as the Export (EX) kit
• new SS-414 511/42"x14" steel snare
• Forum hardware pack

Rhythm Traveler
• Silent practice and compact live performance in 1 kit!
• 1 set each of live performance & Pearl Muffle Heads
• double braced stands and silent Ride/Crash/HH cymbals
• 8x20" kick, 5x10", 5x12", 5x14" Toms, 5x13" wood snare, 2 plastic cymbals