Pro Percussion Drum Lessons Program

(Info for Lesson Program)

Lessons are scheduled on a weekly basis, an average of four per month. The weekly lesson concept enables the student to adapt to a practice routine that revolves around a seven-day repetitive lesson cycle. This philosophy has proven great results provided that the student dedicates himself/herself to the instrument and a healthy practice routine.

Although this is mainly a drum set program, you don't necessarily need a full drum set to get started. Most intermediate to advanced students probably already own their own drums. Snare drum kits and practice pads are available here at the store, as well as beginning to pro-line drum sets.

Both beginning through advanced students should own a practice pad with a separate pair of sticks (SDSI General - not kit sticks) for building technique and endurance. Plan on using your current stick choice for drum set playing. If need be, we'll make changes as we go along. For beginners - 5A and/or 5B sticks are a good choice.

The books we will use will depend on your level of playing. Below is a master list of books I currently use. I'll assign books as we go along. In addition, you will receive many handouts, such as rudimental studies, groove and endurance I exercises, and miscellaneous material. Outside study material is always welcome. New books appear on the market all the time.

Lastly, you will need a three ring binder with paper to use as a student log, and to file the many handouts you will receive.

Instructional Book Suggestions

George Lawrence Stone
Stone Stick Control
Accents and Rebounds
Joe Murphy
Accent Stickings
Ted Reed
D. Garibaldi
Future Sounds
The Funky Beat
Timba Funk
G. Chaffee
Linear Time Playing
Technique Patterns
John Ramsey
The Complete Drummer's Vocabulary
Steve Houghton
The Drumset Performer
Rod Morganstein
The Drumset Musician
Haskell Harr
Snare Drum Method (#1 & 2)
Jim Chapin
Advanced Techniques