Pro Percussion Drum Cancellation Policy


Cancellation Policy
Each student is allowed (2) cancellations per quarter. Quarters are concurrent with the calendar year; January-March, April-June, July-September, October-December. These two cancellations may be used for any reason. Monies paid in advance will be credited towards future lessons. If your two cancellations have been used for any given quarter there is a charge equal to one lesson fee for each additional cancellation. Unused cancellations are NOT rolled over into the next quarter. You may cancel up to one hour before the lesson time. You MUST contact the instructor in order to use your cancellation allowance. If you neglect to call or if you do not give at least one hour’s notice you will be considered a NO SHOW. NO SHOWS will forfeit any monies paid in advance for that lesson even if you have not used up your cancellation allowance for the quarter. If you have not paid for the lesson in advance you must pay the cancellation fee when you come for your next lesson. One cancellation equals one lesson not a group of lessons.

EXTENDED LEAVE. Extended leave for vacations and holidays can be arranged with your instructor with proper advance notice (at least one week). However it is up to you to work this out with the instructor and any temporary deviation from the Cancellation Policy will be at the instructor’s discretion.

CANCELLATION BY INSTRUCTOR. We are also professional musicians and may from time to time have to cancel or reschedule a lesson. The student will of course not be charged and any prepaid amount will be credited to your account.

A FINAL NOTE. We have adopted this policy as a means of fairly dealing with the inevitable events that necessitate cancellation of a lesson. Kids and adults get sick, cars break down, and people have to work late. We understand that these things happen. A student shouldn’t have to pay for a lesson he or she doesn’t get to take. The other side of the coin is that the teacher has committed his time for you, the student, and can’t stay in business if people don’t keep their appointments. We realize the need to be flexible and are willing to do so within reason.