P.A.S. "Day of Percussion" Clinic
The following images were taken during the P.A.S "Day of Percussion" clinic.
These images are of Dom Famularo with David Dix, Joe Murphy and students!
Thanks to AJ's Pro Percussion and Bob McCormick of USF, and of Dom!

Joe Murphy, David Dix and Dom Famularo

Dom with David Dix, and Joe Murphy

Dom Famularo groovin'

Joe Murphy gettin' down on the PAS stage

David Dix throwin' down on the PAS stage

Dom with David Dix, Joe Murphy and AJ Altieri

Benny "Boom Boom" Sudano Still Swing in'

Dom with Bob McCormick & Benny Sudano

Student Alex Canasi with instructor Joe Murphy

Student Mark Spear with instructor Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy's student Eric Lowton

Joe Murphy's student Riqui Skeete

Joe Murphy's student Jonathan Fields

Joe Murphy's student Dr. Bill Carson

Gil "El Nino" Garcia on Congas and Riqui Skeete on Bell

Instructors David Dix & Joe Murphy

Instructor Joe Murphy

Instructor David Dix