Pro Percussion Drum Sets
Pearl - The Best Reason To Play Drums - Pearl has the distinction of selling the worlds' most popular drum set (the Export line) as well as the outstanding, multi-option Masterworks series for the serious professional. We carry the full line.   Drum Workshop, Inc. - From their humble beginnings as a store front teaching studio 25 years ago to their current, state of the art 53,000 square foot facility, Drum Workshop has grown to become one of the world's most successful and influential drum companies.
Yamaha has been making professional qulity drums by hand in their Osaka factory since 1967. Yamaha drums have a reputation for being the most consistent drums in terms of sound and quality among recording artists and touring professionals the world over. Serious drummers know what it means for a drum to carry the Gretsch name. They know Gretsch means a sound like no other drum in the world - A rich, warm, breathing sound that cuts through the clutter. To ensure this tradition that began over a century ago, the Gretsch Drum Team is committed to providing the highest quality products. See for yourself why the world's top performing artists have made Gretsch their choice of drums!
Tama - The Strongest Name In Drums -Tama advanced the idea that thinner shells would provide the optimum transfer of vibrations from head to shell. That concept led to the development of the first Artstar drums in the early 80's. Tama continues to innovate throughout their lines including in the popular priced 'Rockstar' models. Mapex is one of few drum brands made in its own factory & having its own distribution center in the US. Artists who play MAPEX are actively involved in testing new designs & innovations. Their comments drive Mapex R & D
Premier Drums & Percussion - Legendary British drum maker Premier has a long history of making quality kits for the pros. They have recently expanded their line to include drums for the beginners who want an affordable kit with pro features Great sounding, distinctive looking drum kits from Brazil. We are the exclusive Florida 5-Star dealer of these drums. The core of RMV Drums is the Bapeva shell, a native Brazilian wood, known as Brazilian Maple, with excellent physical properties – high density & hardness - that results in an amazing drum sound.
Pacific Drums and Percussion - Designed by Drum Workshop - America's foremost drum company - and produced by the world's most respected and experienced drum suppliers Percussion Plus was born in 1987, stimulated by an opportunity to fill a gap in the market for high quality percussion products at more affordable prices. These drum sets & hardware products offer aspiring drummers a great place to start.