Pro Percussion Cymbals


Check out Paiste, Sabian and Zildjian's sites for more info on their products.


These Swiss made cymbals, particularly the 2002 series, are legendary in the industry. Those huge cymbal explosions on every Zeppelin record? That's Bonzo laying into some 2002 bronze, baby. The cutting tones that come from U2's Larry Mullen? Those are Paiste Signature series cymbals. Learn more and check out the complete line that AJ has stocked for you.
Sabian took traditional Turkish cymbal methodologies and brought them to the new world. With eight series to choose from and hundreds of models and sizes from which to select, there is every cymbal you could possibly want. We have listed each line and their characteristics so that you can make an informed decision on which Sabians are right for your gig.
Wuhan are authentic chinese made cymbals that have a very explosive, trashy quality to them.
The legacy of the secret Zildjian formula reaches back to the Ottoman Empire in 1623. The secret family formula continually recreates the celebrated "Zildjian Sound" that has touched music throughout the world. Check out our Zildjian page to learn more about these legendary cymbals as well as the characteristics of each line from Zildjian.